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Light up your world with Sunerzy®

About Sunerzy

Light up your world with Sunerzy®

A Brief Overview

Sunerzy Electricals

Sunerzy® manufactures electrical products which include LED Bulbs, Down Lights, Spotlights, Tube Lights, Street Lights, Bay Lights, Linear Wall Washers, Flood Lights, Ceiling Lights, Garden Lights etc. Sunerzy also offers wide range of modern & elegant Electrical Fittings & Accessories. Sunerzy products are widely used in Residences, Offices, Outdoor & Industrial locations.

Sunerzy® LED lights are colorful, give super high illumination, have longer life, environment friendly, save energy and meet the requirement of green life. We are always working on introducing modern & contemporary lighting products keeping pace with the latest available technologies.

Elegant Designs, Superior Quality

How it all came to be…

Sunerzy® is dedicated to customer satisfaction, technology improvement , innovation, people orientation & business continuity. Company’s R&D team is consist of people from the fields of electronics, mechanical, semiconductor, industrial design etc.

Colour your world with light. Enter the world of Sunerzy Lighting.

Sunerzy® conducts strong quality control exercise before releasing products. In addition, company has a network of professional customer service personnel who help in resolving the problems of the customers and electrical technicians in case they encounter any problem during installation and use.

Product Categories

  • Residential Lighting
    LED Bulbs, Tubes, Lamp Shades, Electrical Fittings & Fixtures
  • Outdoor Lighting
    For Pathways, Streets & other Outdoor locations
  • Industrial Lighting
    For use in Offices & Factory Premises

Residential Lighting

  • Living & Bedroom Lighting
    Create Memories with Light
  • Home Office & Study Lamps
    Add Style & Focus to your Desk
  • Kids Room Lighting
    Fantasies come alive with Light

Residential Lighting

  • Kitchen Lighting
    Make Light an essential ingredient
  • Bathroom Lighting
    Feel well with Light
  • Outdoor Lighting
    For exiting outdoor evenings with Light

Outdoor Lighting

  • Walkway & Path Lights
  • Outdoor Flood & Spot Lights
  • Street Lights
  • Outdoor Specialty Lighting
  • Outdoor Lamps

Industrial Lighting

  • Industrial High Bay 2 Module Luminaire
  • Indoor Industrial FILTERGLOW
  • Professional T5 Highbay
  • Indoor Industrial T5 Highbay

Why SUNERZY Lighting

  • Modern manufacturing facilities
    State of the art modern manufacturing facilities.
  • Tie-up with world reputed OEMs
    Tied-up with world reputed OEMs for highest quality components & spares.
  • Superior maintenance & after sales service
    Dedicated back-end team for maintenance & after sales service.
  • High Standards & Energy Efficiency
    Assist in meeting standards of LED Lighting for green building and energy efficient lighting solutions.
  • Adequate technical knowhow
    Adequate infrastructure, manpower and technical know-how.
  • Wide range of Lighting products
    Offer a wide range of environment friendly LED Lighting products for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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OEMs, Manufacturers, Assemblers, Suppliers, Importers may contact us.

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Sunerzy HRD

If you have at least 3 years of electrical industry experience, send us your CV.

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Get in touch with us on matters related to collaborations, partnerships, exports etc.

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Enter the world of Sunerzy Lighting

Why Use Led Lighting

  • LED saves 25% energy as compared to CFL and 85% energy as compared to Incandescent bulb
  • LED can last 50 times longer than an Incandescent bulb and 5 times longer than CFL
  • More long lasting and durable
  • More light with less wattage and less heat which mean less electricity consumption
  • Contains no inter gas, no mercury, no filament and no UV rays which makes it environment-friendly

Sunerzy Mission

To be a complete energy firm that helps residential and commercial users reduce their energy consumption and it’s environmental impact using latest available technologies.